Legs and Bottom Treatment

After having such a good result with the Beautytek breast treatment I decided I wanted to address another area of concern for me — my bottom and legs. Like the breasts, fluctuation in my weight over the years had led to a little bit of sagging and I had started to detect a slight dimpling of the skin. Because I had already had my breasts treated I was no stranger to the implements that Anne used. I knew there was a possibility from past experience that I may start to see results quickly, but nothing prepared me for the surprise of my very tight pencil skirt feeling a lot slacker after the first treatment. After subsequent sessions my bottom and legs started to feel much firmer and I began to notice that the skin on my legs was a lot smoother. The results were even more noticeable when Anne started putting me in wraps after a few treatments.

I was thrilled with the results after my course of 12 sessions. There was hardly any trace of cellulite on my legs and my bottom had undergone an unbelievable lift. I was a very happy Beautytek customer for a second time!
It is now several weeks after I finished my treatment and I can honestly say that my bottom and legs are even firmer and smoother than they were after the 12th session. The buttock lift I achieved has held too. Of course I am trying to help maintain it by drinking lots of water, eating healthily and doing exercise, but Anne is right when she says that what you see after the course of treatments is not the final result. I will look forward to seeing what my bottom and legs look like at my 3 month top-up very soon and I eagerly await my Beautytek facial rejuvenation treatments very soon.


Breast treatment

Years of weight fluctuation had left my breasts a little droopy and past their best, I finally decided to take the plunge and embark on a course of beautytek breast firming in January. Although I had done some research on the internet about this treatment and seen various pictures of the fabulous results other clients had got, I still was not entirely sure what to expect when I arrived for my first appointment. I was immediately put at ease by Anne, the therapist, and was impressed by both her knowledge of the procedure and the passion she had for it. After taking pictures of my breasts she started the treatment using various ominous-looking probes which, along with a conductive gel, she moved across my breasts, chest and underneath my arm pits according to the machine’s instructions. Anne was careful to explain every stage of the treatment to me as our first session progressed, which not only made me feel more relaxed but inspired my confidence in her ability as a therapist.


At the end of the treatment she rubbed a cream into the areas that had been worked on and took another set of photographs. I had expected not to see any visible improvement after only one session, and indeed Anne had explained that it could take time to gain tangible benefits from the treatment. However, to my amazement, my breasts looked firmer and shapelier after only one session and they also were visibly more symmetrical, which I was particularly thrilled about as my left breast was drooping more than the right in the before photos. As the course of 12 sessions progressed I started to notice even more improvements in the texture of the skin on my breasts as well as the shape. I gained some unexpected benefits, too, such as better skin and more energy.
After the twelfth and final treatment Anne took another set of photographs and I can honestly say that I could not believe the difference in the shape and firmness compared to how they looked beforehand. In fact, I looked like a completely different woman!

I had also started attracted admiring comments about my cleavage from various work colleagues, which made me realise that the effects of the treatment were being noticed not only by me. Needless to say that I am now hooked on beautytek and have recently started a course of bottom and leg firming treatments. I also plan to have a course of treatments on my face in the near future.
Six weeks after finishing the last breast treatment Anne has taken another set of pictures and I was delighted to see that the breasts still look as full and firm as they did in the photos after the final session. She assures me that the best is still yet to come, so I am looking forward with immense excitement to my top up session and the photographs after that.
In the time I have been having treatment with Anne not only have I admired her as a beautytek therapist but we have also got to know each other well and I enjoy going for treatments just to have my twice-weekly catch-up with her. Not only have I now got fantastic breasts, which I will look forward to showing off in a bikini on holiday this summer, but I have also gained a friend in Anne.