Let your hair outshine you.

Hair is one of the most defining features of a person. Not only women but men also need hair styling and grooming. It is now in legends and old fables that glorify women grooming their hair. Maintain panache and appealing hair is a uni-sexual phenomenon and more than women, men are nowadays turning to unconventional and offbeat hairstyles. Hairstyles make a statement about you; it acts as a summary of your personality and individuality. They say first impression is the last impression. That holds very true and one must look the best, while making his/her first impression, so that it can last for long, in a positive way.

Women have tonnes of options to choose from while dressing. They can accessorize themselves massively viz. long hair, dresses, make up, jewellery, purses and what not! A woman can use countless accessories to make them look stunning. On the other hand a man does not have so many options. His hair seems to be the most subtle way to “optimise” his aesthetics.

Soon after the boom of mass media, people wanted to look like “that someone”, a celebrity, someone they admired or just to experiment with their looks. And it never goes unnoticed. Whenever you get a new haircut people notice it, and if it is unique and looks good, people starts copying you and the wave of your hairstyle will blow and seldom die completely.

You must always pay extra attention to the state of your hair, and get it groomed on a regular basis. Do not trust just any other salon to treat your precious hair, drop by Anuyu hair and beauty salon for a custom hair cut which suits your persona and give yourself a unique identity.


Straight Hair, Round Face

A shoulder-dusting cut with long layers elongates your face. Strong, straight-across bangs enhance cheekbones.

Straight Hair, Square Face

A shoulder-length cut with layers from chin to collarbone softens a strong jaw; sideswept bangs minimize a wide forehead.  

Straight Hair, Heart Face

Try a pixie to play up your eyes and cheekbones. Or a blunt lob (long bob) with a few long layers.  

Straight Hair, Oval Face

Layers that start just below the eyes will make your face look fuller. Avoid all-one-length long hair.  

Wavy or Curly Hair, Round Face

Length can be midneck to midback, but always get long layers to counteract a pyramid effect; a deep side part emphasizes bone structure.


Dry Cut Wash & Cut Re-Style Fringe Cut Children Cut Wash, Cut & Blow Dry

Wash, Cut & Blow Dry

Short Hair Medium Hair Long Hair Extra Long Hair Wash & Blow Dry Only

Wash & Blow Dry Only

Short Hair Medium Hair Long Hair Extra Long Hair Straightener Curly Blow Dry Tongs Curls Straightener Curls Hair Up for all occasions

Hair Treatment

Short Hair Loss Treatment with Sea Mud Mask (All hair treatments are designed for dry, damaged, coloured hair, split ends, hair loss, circulation, stress, dry & greasy scalp)

Hair Colour

Roots Only Refreshing Colour

Full Head Colour

Short Medium Long Extra Long Toner extra Dip Dye

Highlights/Low lights

Full Head Half Head Short Medium Long Extra Long T Section Extra £10 for any additional colours Henna Application (Does not include washing)


Perming (Requires consultation) Semi-Permanent Straightening (Lasts up to 6 months) Brazilian Blow Dry (Keratin Straightening Treatment lasts up to 6 months, specially designed for frizzy, dry, damaged and wavy hair)