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Sideburns Threading

Sideburns Threading



Sideburn Threading.

The sides of the face are threaded in long sweeping motions, and stretching may be required on the face just next to the ear and jaw line, both being pulled in opposite directions so the skin is kept taut.

The threading is done in an upwards and downwards diagonal motion, but not quite vertical.

Firstly the beautician will pull the thread downwards, towards the bottom of the ear and then upwards towards the hairline. Ultimately, resulting a wonderfully smooth face.

Although these methods of threading are generally used throughout Brow Bars, all of the highly skilled technicians have different preferred techniques as to what works for them as well as taking into consideration different bone structures and skin flexibility.

Experts at the salon will always avoid threading over moles.

With the majority of face shapes and skin types, stretching is absolutely vital to avoid any small abrasions or cuts as a result of getting the skin caught between the pieces of thread.

If at any point the client isn’t sure how to stretch, make sure to ask beautician to show the proper technique.

Sideburns threading removes both unwanted thick straggly hair around the side of the face at the follicle level.

This procedure removes all signs of dark and thick hair roots. The face instantly becomes silky and smooth to the touch


This system expels all indications of dim and thick hair roots. The face right away winds up luxurious and smooth to the touch.

Sideburns Threading

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